I’m not a huge fan, at all, of new year’s resolutions. I just think that choosing a day to all of a sudden change your life is generally foolish, proven by the number of broken resolutions by the end of January. The symbolism of the new year as a time for new things isn’t lost on me. However, if you need January 1 to come around to tell you that your ass is fat & that you need to lose weight, I hate to break it to you, but you haven’t been being really honest with yourself for all of the time it took for your ass to get fat (I say this as I am, in fact, trying to skinny up my fat ass).

In the past, I have tried to use a theme as a direction for goal setting for the year. A couple of years ago we set a theme for the year that has really taken over our direction for all goal setting. That theme, “Do For, Not To” has become a sort of secondary mission statement & corporate philosophy.

So, this year, not liking to set resolutions & not putting a theme to the year, I am at something of a loss on how to express the plan for the year. Before any of you jump in & say choose a word that you’ll focus on for the year, no. Just, no. That’s nearly as bad as the resolution thing. Maybe worse.

I’ve known for months that the overall plan for the year would be process efficiency. After a year of extreme growth, we are going to invest a significant amount of time on hammering down the basics. We’ll be applying the “Do For, Not To” philosophy to every aspect of our business to make sure that, as we grow, we do so in an easily replicable, efficient, & high-culture way.

There have been two ideas running around in my head over the past few weeks as I have really tried to figure out what 2020 is going to look like. Not really words to theme the year. Not really resolutions. Not really even a goal-setting standard. Just two ideas that have really been nagging at me.

First, simplicity. After reading Essentialism by Greg McKeown, which I recommend, I have been thinking more & more about cutting the extraneous bullshit from my life. Then I’ve been watching documentaries & reading books about super-high performers in business & life. All of these people shared something in common that I am woefully terrible at doing. They all simplified the basics in their life. From things like Zuck and Steve Jobs wearing the same thing every day to Warren Buffett literally doing almost the exact same thing every morning of his life, they were sticklers for freeing up their minds from having to make trivial decisions. So, I am working on routine. My hope is that it will allow me to focus my time, thoughts, and resources on the most important things I need to be focused on doing.

The second thing is something I have been trying to define in a word & just can’t. The first word I thought about was “intentional”, but that’s not the right word. Also, I sure as hell hope we’ve already been intentional. We owe it to all of our agents, clients, community partners, & vendors. It’s more like intentionality combined with foundational combined with evergreen. Confused? Yeah, me too. The point is that as we take a look at literally every aspect of how we run our business, I want our approach to be from a position that we are re-laying the foundation of the business. What we did originally has served us well these last five+ years, but now it is time to revamp, refresh, & reassure that the processes we develop now will last us years into the future while enhancing our culture & our service offering. It’s a tall order, but so are our long-term goals.

There you have it. That’s the plan. As they say, it’s always best to share your plan publicly. Apparently it makes you far more likely to achieve it. I’ll be honest with you, the routing part is going to be the hard one for me. I’m a work in progress, though, & will continue to focus on the progress.

Hope your 2020 is amazing!

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