Start Stop ContinueAs a business owner, which if you’re a Realtor, you are one, it is important to be ever-mindful of your value proposition to your clients.  Is what you are delivering hitting the mark or not?  Do your clients even recognize it as a value?  Do they wish that instead of doing one thing you were, in fact, doing something entirely different?

If you don’t know what your clientele is looking for, how can you provide the level of service that will compel them to refer you to others?

I’ve said it before on this site, and will likely say it again, but there is no shame in stealing other people’s good ideas.  Scott Stratten is one of my favorite people on the interwebs and my goal in life is pretty much to never make it onto his Facebook feed.  I love his books.  I love his no bullshit way of putting it out there for people to understand the difference between doing it right and doing it very, very wrong.  This method is straight out of his book, so all of the credit goes to him.

The method is pretty simple and goes something like this:


What does your client wish you had done during the transaction or after the fact that would have brought them value?  This, unfortunately, is your list of either failures or areas of improvement.  This is where you have to get better in order to win.  Don’t take it personally.  Take it to heart and make changes that, in the end, create a greater experience for your clients.


On the flip side, what are you doing currently that your client found no value in?  What should you stop doing because it is either a waste of time, effort, money, or all of the above.  For me, this was the hardest pill to swallow as I started to see trends emerge.  Things that I had really thought were great for my clients turned out to not be worth it at all.  This section, for me, was a bigger shot to the ego than the Start section.


Finally, what did you do that your client felt brought value to the transaction and relationship?  This helps you consistently deliver a level of service that your clients actually want.  You need to know not only what you should start or stop doing, but what really made your clients happy during the transaction.

That’s it.  A very easy, three question survey that can give you more insight into your business than any lengthy, in-depth research project.  Give it to each client at closing with a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the expectation of candor and the promise that you won’t be upset by what they say.  I think you will find it a useful tool in analyzing and improving your customer experience.

One last note about this and any other kind of evaluation tool you choose for your business.  Just because you got one bad review or one piece of unexpected feedback, don’t run out and make wholesale changes.  Look for trends over time and adjust your approach accordingly.  Remember, feedback is one person’s opinion of a moment.  Don’t get down or angry because you don’t like what a client says.  Just file it away and move forward using it as constructive criticism.  Your business will benefit immensely from it.

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