video-coming-soonFor several years we’ve heard from industry expert after industry expert about how video is the next big thing for Realtors.  The problem with that prophesy is that only about 14% of agents do any kind of video marketing, according to NAR.  So, the question is, why should you be using video to market yourself and your listings?

The really simple answer is because 86% of your competitors aren’t!

There are, of course, other reasons you should incorporate video in your marketing efforts.  Here are the top 5:

1) You are more likely to get seen

Everyone knows that Google owns YouTube.  Putting your videos on YouTube will make you more likely to be seen on Google.  Get a YouTube channel and learn about tagging videos with search keywords. Hint: There is most likely a YouTube video on how to do both.

2) You are more likely to get listings

If you are walking into a competitive listing presentation, video could be the tipping point.  You, or your competitor, can talk all day about how you market your listings, but showing them an awesome video might just be the tipping point for you to win that listing.  Tip: Shoot a quick “preview video” of the home from the street before you walk into the listing appointment and then show it to your seller.

3) Your website will benefit

Nobody wants to read boring content about how great you are or how much better your service is.  They will, however, watch a video about it.  Gone are the days of dozens of pages on a website with loads and loads of content.  Now, simple and more visual are the ways to go and video can get you both in spades.  Ideas for video on your site might include an intro video, client testimonials, and blog accompaniment videos that showcase your expertise.  You can post these videos on YouTube and embed them on your website.

4) You’ll satisfy your clients better

How many times have you told a client something at a listing appointment only for it to get lost in all of the information?  So, how cool would it be if after leaving the appointment you sent them a video of the highlights of the meeting?  What if the day the house went on the market you sent a video with your top 5 tips for successful showings.  Maybe a video for your buyer client of what to do (or not to do) now that they have a home under contract?

5) You’ll make more money

In case you didn’t put two and two together, being seen by more people, winning more listings, and creating raving fans will result in you building your business faster, getting more referrals, and, ultimately, make more money.  All of this can be yours for only a few dollars and a small investment in time.

Stay tuned!  Next week we’ll discuss the how-to of real estate video.  See you then!


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