How often do we get a wild hair or have a plan for something and get started only to let it die on the vine over time?  This weekend’s challenge is simple: Google yourself.  Add keywords related to your profession.  For example, let’s say your name was Chance Brown and you were in Real Estate.  You might Google your name and then you might add real estate to the end and see what comes up.

Whether you are in real estate or anything else, your online reputation can have a huge effect on your non-digital life.  Take a few minutes to freshen up old profiles, close out accounts on pages you don’t use anymore, and make sure that you are putting your best digital foot forward when someone seeks you out.

Also, don’t miss the opening game of the 2014 college football season as my Sam Houston State University Bearkats take on some team that plays on a red field Saturday at 2:30 on ESPN.  Eat ’em up, Kats!!!

Have a great weekend.

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