Pardon my Sunday evening rant, but I just got off an hour long call with a client who would very much like to know what is going on with his house.  As his Realtor, I should probably know that.  Unfortunately, despite the phone calls, emails, and showing service requests for feedback on his 8 showings, I have gotten feedback from 3.  It makes me crazy.

In Houston, as well as 67 other national markets, most of the agents that don’t have time to sit around answering showing calls, use Centralized Showing Service to schedule appointments.  Once the showing is over, the showing agent gets an email asking for feedback.  They then receive 2 subsequent requests the morning of the next two days.  Even the offices that have their own scheduling service solicit feedback.

How hard is it to take 30 seconds, be a professional, and let the selling agent know what you or your clients thought?

Not very hard.  That’s the answer.  It’s a simple professional courtesy that helps the listing agent sell the house.  That helps everyone.  One day, when you are sitting around wishing you had feedback on your listing, remember the time you didn’t give it.

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