At some point, you will be sitting there swamped, pulling your hair out, and will say to yourself, “Man, I really need some help.”  Honestly, the right time to hire help is probably earlier than you think.  So, why do most agents wait too long to get the help they need?

Fear and Inconsistency

One of the reasons we wait too long is that we are afraid that although we are swamped today, tomorrow it might be much slower.  You don’t want to be embarrassed or over-extended.

Not Sure What They Will Do

One of the most common reasons for holding off on hiring some help is that you aren’t exactly sure what they would do.  Every time you think of something they could do, there’s always that one part that you really feel you need to remain in charge of.

Good Help Is Hard to Find/Costs Too Much

Not to go all Ghostbusters on you, but “Who you gonna call”?  How much will they cost?  What will their hours be?

The good news is that these are all easily overcome when you realize what you’re missing by not having the help.  Hopefully, you will see that the sooner you hire someone, the bigger and better your business will be come.

Opportunities Lost

The biggest cost of hiring an assistant is not hiring an assistant.  Admit it, you have several “projects” you’re working on and a ton of great ideas if you only had the time.  Assistants can help make those projects come to fruition and bring those great ideas to reality.  Ask yourself this: what more could you get done if there were two of you?  If the answer is a whole lot, you need to hire an assistant.

Organization, Efficiency, and Client Satisfaction

If you’re the typical agent out there, it is likely that you could be more organized, whether in general or in your business operations.  I like to equate a lot of agent’s operations as that junk drawer everyone has in their kitchen.  All the parts and things you need are there, but they’re all over the place.  If all of those pieces operated efficiently, not only could you do more, your clients would be happier.  If you can relate to any of these things, you need an assistant.

Where to Start

The first place to start is making the decision that you are going to do it.  You are going to grow your business by hiring an assistant.  Secondly, you need to decide what you want your assistant to do.  That’s going to take some time and research.  Look at how you spend your time.  What could someone else be doing to free up more of your time to allow you to focus on the things that make more money?

The next questions are do you want a live assistant or virtual and, either way, how much do they need to work?  The question of live vs. virtual is simple.  It all depends on you.  If you’re more comfortable with a live person, hire one.  If the tasks can easily be handled virtually and you are comfortable with that, go virtual.  The question of time is going to be determined by the tasks.

Assess and Revise

As you start with your new assistant, you should make it a common occurrence to assess how it’s going and refine your approach.  Over time and familiarity with your assistant, you can do this less often.  It is important that there is absolute clarity on your assistant’s part about what their role is, what they are expected to do, and timelines associated with tasks.  If they mess something up or don’t do something because they didn’t know how or when or what, that’s your fault, not their fault.

Licensed Assistants

Should your assistant be licensed?  The main advantage to a licensed assistant is that they can discuss issues related to your transactions, listings, etc. with other agents and buyers/sellers.  If that is one of the tasks you want your assistant to work on, then you should probably have a licensed assistant.  If they are going to work on things like marketing, listing maintenance, etc., you don’t need your assistant to have a license.

You can do this.  You need it.  You deserve it.  You will grow your business because of it!

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